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BMW 7 Series BMW also known for luxury and trust. Now launch there BMW 7 series electric car. This car of BMW is electric luxury sedan. It gives you high class feel with his high class feature. Glass sunroof in... (More)
Jaguar I‑Pace Jaguar brands all cars are good. Now they launch jaguar I-Pace. which is best electric car in the history of jaguar electric cars. Its range in single charge about 470 km. it use 11kw ac charge and charge... (More)
Hyundai kona electric car Want long ride in comfort and low cost? here we have Hyundai kona electric car for you. Electric car has low cost and maintenance then diesel car. The acceleration has about to 0 to 100 in... (More)
ZERO FX Electric Bike

Light weight body with powerful motor is called beast. This combination we get in bike called Zero FX electric bike. which turn it into a beast bike.