Yeah, it's true! There are a lot of struggles to hire a top-grade CMS WordPress developer. It is very important to put all your efforts in the correct direction right from the beginning of the hiring procedure to employ excellent developers for your WordPress development projects

Here are the five brilliant tips for hiring excellent developers for your  WordPress development projects:

Evaluate the previous work of candidates 

It's always profitable to deeply evaluate the candidate's potential. Snooping to the previous work gives you the right insight for rating and reviews. After that, you can have enough time to practically compare the requirements and the capabilities of the shortlisted candidates for your tasks. 

You can dig these via:

  • Analysing the solid portfolios. 
  • Assessing via coding tests. 
  • Evaluating the problem-solving skills
  • Referring to the testimonials of past clients. 

These will help you get an easy glance at the candidate's potential. 

Stay a bit budget flexible 

Undoubtedly, businesses must keep their plans within their financial appetite and allocate the finances accordingly. Usually, while allocating the budget to make the financial expenses, you try to stay less flexible to minimise the risk. 

But, if you stick to hiring cheap human resources, it could result in long-term negative effects. It could be impacting the project's execution entirely in a wrong approach, and in that case, you have to start from scratch, which is not an appreciable outcome. 

So, it would be best to get familiar with the standard rates of developers while allocating budgets and assessing the project's needs to undervalue negative scenarios. 

Asses skills through paid assessment

Generally, businesses evaluate the candidate's potential projects by allocating a small unpaid assignment. This results in a less-satisfactory approach to the projects. On the other hand, if you allow them to work on paid assessments, it will help you evaluate the candidate's true potential due to paid test.

Here, you can analyse:

  • Skills at CMS tools such as CQ5, VCM 7.3, Adobe.
  • Command over XML,Java,C#, etc.
  • Potential at web application servers like EA, Weblogic, Tomcat 6.0, and much more.

Ultimately, you will be practically able to analyse the capabilities of the candidates as per your company and the project needs. 

With these approaches, it is possible to hire a credible, potent, and talented person for your projects who can work with you to fulfil your CMS WordPress development requirements. 

Since hiring a professional CMS WordPress developer is a complex task, it is beneficial to associate with a dedicated platform to convey your needs and hire the right WordPress developer with high grades. 

Although,there are some emerging platforms, which are highly- credible, trustworthy, and secure to assist business communities in hiring high-grade developers.